Best Doorbells 2016 – The Ultimate Guide

Since time in memorial, doorbells have always been a great addition to any home. They offer an alternative to the painful experience of having to knock on the door with your bare knuckles and have your call only go so far, but also, an exciting addition to your door that not only offers a great look but also plenty of functionality. Just like anything in your house including the house itself, there have been a lot of developments and improvements to the doorbell. That makes the process of buying that much trickier.

There are more features that are added and thanks to technology, there are also varieties that use wireless technology. This has pushed the process of buying a doorbell from the conventional of having to worry about the design which was the sole concern in the past to a whole arrange of other factors that include features that range from motion detectors to the range of available chimes that one can enjoy.

Undoubtedly, buying a doorbell in the current times has become more of a daunting task for most homeowners. There is a lot more that you have to place on the weighing scale, and the price ranges do not make it any easier. Without question, most people want the best they can get your hands on for the budget they have in mind. This guide will walk you through the process of looking for the best doorbell and even suggest some that you can add to your collection that would be great additions for your kind of theme and architecture.

What to look for when buying a doorbell

To get you started on your journey towards the best doorbell system, you need first to understand some of the terminologies and features that you should pay attention to. There are quite a few, but this guide is aimed at making the elimination process much easier for you and to ensure that you can digest and act on the information.

Wired or wireless

Before you even go into the thick of things, the first thing that you have to consider is whether you want to go with the wired door chimes or wireless.  The primary difference between wired and wireless doorbells is that the wired variety has a wire that connects the external bell button to the transmitter then to a transformer for it to work. The wireless might have a wire connector to the transmitter that interprets the signal but in most instances, the receivers are connected to wireless network.

Each end has its differences.  For instance, wireless options allow you to be more portable. On the flip side, wired options are easier to maintain and produce a more stable and stronger signal so primarily, it is all up to you to choose what would suit you best.

Sound options

There are plenty of sounds that you can choose to have on your wired door chime. These include the basic sounds like the rings, changeable sounds or custom sounds. For changeable sounds, you will have a door bell that has a variety of tunes that you can choose from. If you would like to go one better and go for that have your preferred tones and sounds, then you can go for custom sounds.

Sound quality

When it comes to the quality of sound that you should get in your wired doorbell chime, it should not be anything less than CD quality unless you’re trying to get sued by your neighbors. It is also very critical to make sure that you opt for doorbells that feature frequency blocking. Without this feature, you might find yourself going to the door countless times only to find no one there.

The range

You have to consider how big your house and the entire property at large is. Find the distance the sound has to cover for it to be heard, whether you need to have a portable speaker and ultimately, if those two do not seem to be stacked in your favor, you can also opt to have sound extenders. This is more so the case if your property is uniquely huge. But if you get that first buy right, you might not need to get sound extenders.

The style

The style is the one aspect that you will not find a shortage of. But do not let this bully you into picking the best you find with the fear of having to go through the abundance of designs. Instead, start by thinking of the theme that you have outside the house or where you would like to place the push button. Once you have settled on that, you can then proceed to choose a color, material and design that you find blends well with the rest of the finish. Alternatively, you can look for something contrasting to make the doorbell easily noticeable. Once again, the final call, in this case, is in your hands.


Installation should be a major concern. It has to be done the right way for the wired doorbell chime to work. Hence, if you cannot get this done by yourself, you will have to hire a professional to do it which would be another added cost. The installation of the best doorbells should be relatively easy and straightforward. Something that anyone can be able to do. Not only will this make sure you get it done right but it will also save you the effort and cost of having installed for you.


Lastly, you can now consider the price. You will get different prices largely depending on the type of doorbell that you would like. Typically, the more the features that the doorbell has to offer, the higher its price tag. You have to weigh your options keenly and make sure you know the features that you must have, the ones you can compromise on and the ones that you do not need at all. Once you have been able to do that, you can then sit down and consider your price range. Keep in mind that the goal here is not to get the cheapest but to get a wired door chime that will offer you value for your money and functionality.


After having analyzed the different doorbell chimes that are in the market, you should have better insight and ability to make your purchase. If this does not happen, then perhaps the review sections could shed more light for you and ensure that you have an exceptional experience. Looking at some of these reviews you will notice that these are the best doorbells, and hence, you can just as easily settle on one of them with relative satisfaction.

NuTone PB27LBR Wired Lighted Door ChimeNuTone  PB27LBR Wired Lighted Door Chime

A conventional yet elegant design which fits perfectly with most of the themes that you will find in your home. It has a fine and authentic look it and great detailing that most homeowners will find to be quite attractive. You also have to give props to the many features that it has to offer.

The features include the lighted push button that not only makes it easier to locate but adds to the pizzazz of the door system. The doorbell is finished in oil-ribbed bronze that gives it that authentic feel and a very elegant finish. It also gives the doorbell a protective coating that allows for the doorbell to keep up with the harsh outdoors without showing signs of aging.

You can also have your button in a variety of other finishes that include satin nickel, polished brass, antique brass chrome finishes and other varieties which would blend with a variety of themes and architecture.

The doorbell is of a sizeable nature making it easier to install and does not stand out conspicuously once it has been installed. There is nothing not to like about the doorbell from the design to the features and even the finishing.

The benefits are just as abundant as well. They range from the easy to spot push button, the easy to install nature of the doorbell as well as the diversity of different finishes that you can choose from. The best part is that it is surface mounted, so you do not have to worry about digging into the wall.

Even though it is quite easy to install, there are some parts that go in the back like the round housing for the light. They are quite small and getting them to fit can at times be a struggle. But if you get that done, the rest is downhill.



Heath Zenith 61 Wired Door ChimeHeath Zenith 61 Wired Door Chime

You have a home that has a traditional finish and is looking for a doorbell that would blend well with your rustic theme? You should consider the Heath Zenith 61 Wired Door Chime. It has that traditional finishing to it and offers you a great appeal as well. It’s one of the few doorbells that you will come across that emphasis aesthetic appeal as much as they emphasis functionality.

It comes in an elegant but utterly simple style with exquisite finishing. This particular model has a solid beech and mahogany finish. It also covered with oil rubbed bronze tubes and seeded glass inlay. There is no doubting the classic finish that the doorbell has to offer.

The tone also has a very classy, vintage and familiar melody to it. It features the eight note Westminster, Whittington melody for front entrance and also has one not for the rear entrance. You are not only availed with the opportunity to choose between one of the most familiar sounds on earth, you also have the opportunity to differentiate them and know which door is being knocked. It saves you time and energy.

Not only do you get the chance to own a piece of greatness and bring some great tones in to your home, you also get the fine and vintage feeling, ease of installation and the option of choosing from one of three tones. Two for your front door and one for your back door. It also comes with a one year warranty.

If you’re looking for a more digital sound, then this might not be the best buy for you. It does have a great selection of melodies but they do not sound anything close to digital. But the sounds are very original and interesting to hear.



Heath Zenith SL-753-02 Slim-Line Wired Lighted Push ButtonHeath Zenith SL-753-02 Slim-Line Wired Lighted Push Button

It is never easy finding a great doorbell that matches style and functionality so well. The Heath Zenith SL 753-02 is among the few that can offer this and even better, with a futuristic design to it that is bound to capture and keep attention. This merged with the myriad of features that the doorbell has to offer, it is easy to see why this is one of the most sort after wired doorbells. Luckily, it does not disappoint.

It features a lighted push button that is easy to locate and its elongated design also makes it easy to push. The light feature also gives the button a great detail and impressive design, especially during the dark.

It is one of few hardwired doorbells that you will come across and even though you might find this to be a daunting task, it comes with its benefits among them being the better finishing. The external finishing of the doorbell is from Satin Nickel giving it a futuristic look.

Even though the installation of this doorbell might not be as easy as is the case with most of the other options that you’re going to find, you should be able to enjoy its fine and high quality build with the ability to last for years, the lighted push button and the hard wiring that allows for longevity and a sturdy door bell.

When buying wired door chimes, you have to consider the rest of the house and how they will affect the look. It is advisable not to go for something that is conspicuous but one that stands out enough to be noticed. All the other features that you need to consider have been carefully weighed out for you as well as some great suggestions to go with. But whatever you do, always make sure that you settle for something that offers you quality and fits your specifications without flaws.